Tristan Thompson Expecting Third Baby With A Texas Personal Trainer!


Photo: AFP

Here we go again! It Dailymail is exclusively reporting that a personal trainer in Texas is suing Tristan Thompson for child support before the child is even born! 31-year-old Nichols claims the baby was conceived in March 2021 while Tristan celebrated his 30th birthday in Houston, Texas. Unfortunately, Tristan was still with Khloe Kardashian still at that time.

Allegedly, Tristan did admit in the lawsuit to having sexual relations with her yet claims it only happened once.

The lawsuit alleges that their affair started 5 months prior to the pregnancy, November 2020. She claims that Tristan has flown her out to Los Angeles multiple times during their relationship over the last year. She also stated that Tristan continued to fly her out to see him even after she got pregnant!

Run away Khloe!!!!!!

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