TikToker Goes Viral After Showing What Happens When You Perm & Bleach Hair!

You would think you things like this didn't happen anymore but apparently not! A Tiktoker has gone viral after she showed off her new bleached hair style full of bald spots and falling out hair! Obviously, sis had a chemical reaction which hair tends to do when it's had too many treatments. Unfortunately, she is now being dubbed #gorillagluegirl2.0 because of the tragic hair accident.

She explains her hair tragedy occurred when she decided to perm her already bleached hair, yet she explains she touched up her roots bleaching it just one week prior. She assumed one week was enough time before she permed her hair. She was trying to get the finger wave look.

I will say, her wig is FIRE so there's at least one win!

Glad she can laugh about this! Check out what her hair now looks like under the wig below!

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