Tiwa Savage Reveals That She Is Being Blackmailed With Her Own Sex Tape

This morning on The Rumor Report the Breakfast Club weighed in on Angie Martinez' recent interview with Afrobeats superstar Tiwa Savage who revealed that she is currently being extorted over a sex tape of her and her boyfriend.

Tiwa revealed to Angie that’s as of yesterday she is currently being extorted by an unknown person over an apparent sex tape between her and her partner. Sharing that she is devastated that she is currently having to go through this, Tiwa shared that the person who contacted her is threatening to release the tape if she does not pay them the bitcoin amount that they asked for. However, Tiwa has refused to pay because of the fact that this person could continue to harass her over the tape for an extended period of time.

Weighing in the Breakfast Club showed love to Tiwa and expressed that her owning it shows that she's taking the power away from those who are trying to use the tape against her.

"It sucks to have your personal business out there in that way for sure for sure, but get in front of it and own it, take the power out of it and it is 2021 how many sex tapes have we seen just come and go of various people, once it's out there it's out there you do your best to get it taken down, nobody can have no power over you if you own it"

Check out the full rumor report above and the interview with Tiwa Savage below..

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