Babyface Ray Says He Learned About The Art Of Touring From Jack Harlow

Babyface Ray & Jack Harlow

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Despite spending the past 10 years on the grind as an artist, Babyface Ray didn't totally master the art of touring until he hit the road with Jack Harlow.

In an exclusive clip iHeartRadio is debuting today, December 7, the 31-year-old rapper opens up to esteemed rap journalists Elliott Wilson and Brian "B. Dot" Miller about his previous work with the Generation Now artist during his upcoming appearance on the Rap Radar Podcast. Elliott and B. Dot begin the conversation by asking why the Ray put Harlow on the remix to his smash hit "Paperwork Party." From there, he explains how they started working together.

"I had done some music with EST Gee where I put him on 'Pink 10s' previously and he hit me about it like 'Bro that song crazy," Ray said. 'I'm like 'Let's work' and he was like, 'for sure.' I sent him the record and then we put it out again."

"[Harlow] actually put me on his tour, which was my first tour," he continued. "I went on tour with Jack Harlow first, and it was a great learning experience because I didn't know how a tour worked. I didn't know about TV tracks, I didn't know about none of that."

Babyface Ray jumped on Jack Harlow's Crème de la Crème Tour last year with Mavi months after he released his EP Unf*ckwitable. He explained that the "First Class" rapper used to bring him out during his set with a TV track on. Unfortunately, Ray wasn't familiar with that and stumbled his words during the performance because of it.

"I had him pull me off his set just to get my stuff together," Ray said. "So I learned a lot on tour with him just stage presence, production, things of that nature."

You can check out Babyface Ray's full interview on the Rap Radar Podcast when it drops via Interval Presents on December 8. For now, check out the first clip above and see more images from their discussion below.

Rap Radar featuring Babyface Ray

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Babyface Ray

Photo: Courtesy of Interval Presents

Elliott Wilson, Babyface Ray and Brian 'B. Dot' Miller

Photo: Courtesy of Interval Presents

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