Doja Cat Pulls Off The Ultimate Y2K Era Look In Stunning New Photos

Photo: Getty Images

Doja Cat showed off a very Y2K-inspired look on Instagram and fans couldn't get over how great she looked. The stunning photos were posted by her hairstylist JStayReady on Instagram. The photos are also accompanied by videos of the singer/rapper applying her own makeup, which fans also got a kick out of. "We love a talented artist that can beat her own face too," one fan commented.

Doja's look consisted of long black hair with two blonde strips at the front but what really made it Y2K was the hot pink top, pink sunglasses with a bedazzled heart on the frame, and a pink Juicy Couture hat. "Can literally pull off any look!" one fan commented. "Ok but I need those shades," commented another fan.

The Y2K-era fashion has made a big comeback in 2021 and 2022 and current stars like Doja have been looking to the stars of the late 1990s and early 2000s like Destiny's Child, Janet Jackson, and Missy Elliott for inspiration. An article by Aakruti Ganeshan explains, "Girl groups like Blaque, 3LW, and Destiny’s Child both popularized and cemented key aspects of the Y2K style— sporting low–waisted jeans, neon camisoles, and mesh shirts. The logomania and fixation on designer symbols that pervaded Y2K fashion were also inextricably linked to the legacy of Dapper Dan, a Harlem couturier who screen–printed luxury brand logos onto his own designs."

Doja has been giving fans their fix through social media posts as she recently underwent tonsil surgery, forcing her to cancel all of her tour dates for the rest of this year. Luckily, she's been super active online during her recovery.

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