An Atlanta Pastor Rejects Kanye's Donation

An Atlanta church has decided to send the money Kanye West donated to them elsewhere after the rapper made some pro-Donald Trump remarks at a "Sunday Service" event in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Atlanta’s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Pastor Jamal Bryant explained that Kanye gave a large donation to his ministry. In Bryant's video, he issued a statement saying that he's redirecting Kanye’s contribution to Morris Brown College because of Ye's Trump support.

“To say that you unashamedly support Donald Trump...he called the mother continent of Africa a collection of s-hole nations. Smacking the entire diaspora in the year of the anniversary of the year of the return," Bryant said. "I don’t align with the statements of Kanye West. I don’t endorse it, nor do I subscribe to it. And I am not a runaway slave. To that end, Mr. West made a significant donation to New Birth Cathedral. But I do not want to be guilty of double speech. I met with my team today and the donation that he made to our church, I am now redirecting. I’m going to be giving that donation he gave to Morris Brown College.”

You can watch Pastor Jamal Bryant explain why he redirected Kanye West's donation to Morris Brown College below. Fast forward to the 11-minute mark.

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