Dababy's Security KO's A Woman After Show

Before we get into Saturday's incident. Let me remind you DaBaby released his Album "Kirk" click HERE to listen

Saturday night escalated quickly, with a female fan getting K.O.'d by the rapper's hired giant. Performing at the Free Water Block Party In New Orleans, DaBaby jumped into the crowd 30 minutes into his set -- something he does at all of his concerts.

But, this time around, the crowd got a little too aggressive for his security's liking. In the video below obtained by TMZ, you see a female fan get a bit rowdy with the rapper. DaBaby pushes the female fan off of him, and seconds after, seems like another woman took a swing at the DaBaby. Thats when Dababy's security unleashed two blows at the woman, leaving her out cold for a good minute. But of course no one helped get her up, they all had their phones out.

The show was shut down, but police weren't called.

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