Floyd Mayweather's DJ Claims T.I. and His Entourage Jumped Him

Seems like the Tension between T.I. and Mayweather is still in the air. Floyd Mayweather's DJ (Jay Bling), claimed T.I. and his team jumped him just before the start of the BET Awards 2019 Ceremony.

No footage of the attack has surfaced, yet. But there is footage of the aftermath in which T.I. is seen calm, pacing around, while Jay Bling yells insults towards the rapper. "All y'all n***as hit like straight bitches... six n***as and all y'all did was scratch me up," he posted. "N***as jumped the wrong one tonight! I'm on yo bumper bitch ass n***a."

DJ Jay Bling reportedly left the area with his shirt all ripped up. Check out the IG posts below