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New Study Claims Drinking Beer Is Good For You!

Pouring cool beer from bottle into glass on wood wall backgroud alcohol celebration concept

Photo: Getty Images

According to scientists, drinking beer every night may lessen your risk of developing dementia.

Researchers from Australia studied drinking patterns and dementia rates of 25,000 people over the age of 60.

According to the findings, those who drank the equivalent of two pints each day were a third less likely to develop dementia.

The findings showed that the largest threat was to non-drinkers. They had a roughly 5 percent higher risk of developing dementia than the greatest drinkers, who consumed at least three beers every night.

According to the study's findings, drinking alcohol appears to have no preventive effect against dementia.

Experts pointed out that excessive alcohol consumption is risky even though moderate alcohol consumption may help prevent dementia.


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