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Cardi B Tweets "LHHATL" Akbar Sex Tape Amidst Twitter Fight

Cardi B And Starco Brands Launch Whipshots

Photo: Getty Images North America

Things just went a little too far in this ongoing back and forth Twitter fight between Cardi B and 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' star Akbar. The ladies were seen trading insults back and forth online when Cardi delivered the final blow re-posting an old sex tape of allegedly Akbar performing fellatio.

The drama started this morning with Cardi dropping subliminals aimed at someone she refused to tag.

Then it seems Cardi B got mad Akbar was seemingly airing out their issue online.

Then the two decided to just start responding directly to eachother!

Then, after Akbar mentioned Cardi's bedroom skills and why her husband keeps cheating on her, Cardi B responded by posting an old sex tape of Akbar. Akbar then mentioned how her children now have to see this again and she was getting anxiety from it.

Cardi clapped back at her anxiety claim but did remove the video out of respect for her kids.

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