Brittany Renner Shares Financial Struggles Following Split With NBA Baller

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Photo: Getty Images North America

Looks like that $100k per month child support is officially all cap! Brittany Renner, whom was well known for coaching women how to get money out of professional athletes, says she has no car and was forced to move back into her mother's home following her split with NBA player PJ Washington.

Recall, back in August of 2021, Washington took to Twitter to allude to being trapped by Renner claiming she was "faking it all along."

Now, Renner jumped on her Instagram live to vent about the struggles she's enduring following the split. She claims she was promised a car yet doesn't have one due to "broken promises." She continues to complain about how she was forced to move back into her mothers home because she "didn't have" her own home. She then continues to reiterate how important it is for women to have their own and to not rely on a man stating "a man is not a financial plan." Check out her full rant below.

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