GloRilla's Choreographer says She Wasn't Compensated For Signature Move

Recently, choreographer Trinica Goods spoke out against GloRilla’s team for failing to compensate her the $1,500 she was allegedly promised after being hired in August to teach the Memphis rapper some moves ahead of an Amazon livestream at a dance studio in Atlanta. Trinica Goods said: “You know her little signature move that she does? She was doing it one way, I choreographed it another way and they been doing it that way in every other show.” 

The Memphis dancer claimed she was originally excited to work with the rapper: “I was again, really excited to work with GloRilla because she’s from Memphis, I’m from Memphis. It was an amazing chance.”

Once the work was finished, Goods alleged she asked about payment but GloRilla’s team passed her around with unclear responses. She continued: “Okay, are we grown or are we children? Like this doesn’t make any sense at all.”

The 30-year-old was told that she would be paid when GloRilla came back to Atlanta, however, months later, she still hasn’t heard anything. The Jasmine Brand

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