Lil Durk Leaves Howard University’s Homecoming Concert Mid-Performance,

Lil Durk wasn’t feeling the crowd’s energy during a recent performance, so he decided to leave! Over the weekend, Lil Durk (real name Durk Derrick Banks) performed at Howard University’s homecoming concert. The event was one of the HBCU’s many homecoming festivities held this past weekend. However, things didn’t turn out as planned, and Lil Durk wound up leaving mid-way through his performance! It turns out that, while onstage, the 29-year-old rapper was bothered by the crowd’s toned-down energy and lack of enthusiasm. One Howard student who was in attendance caught the incident on camera, and Lil Durk can be heard telling the crowd:

“Aye look, we was supposed to do more songs but this s**t sound so bogus I don’t even feel this s**t for real. But I appreciate y’all for f***ing with us in this motherf**ker man.”

Humorously, immediately after Lil Durk finishes talking, an unseen DJ yells:

“Make some noise for The Voice one more time!”

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