This Week On The Breakfast Club Bonang Matheba =The Queen of South Africa

This week on the Breakfast Club, Bonang Matheba stops by from beautiful South Africa to break down the South African media industry, how she dominated the South African media culture, and cultural misconceptions between African and African American. She didn’t hold back on her vision to conquer America after hitting all peeks in South Africa, like her recent win as South Africa’s Influencer of the Year (But in her word Influential) at the People’s Choice Awards. Also, she discusses why she wore a ring on her ring finger while she said men are scared to approach her. Dishing she loves South African men and stated she’s’ never dated or encounter an American man yet. Queen B came, saw, and went to The Breakfast Club, exuding the best energy and setting fire to conquer the world in front of her. South Africa knows her name like we know Oprah. Now she’s ready to impact America and bring her House of BNG with her.

written by : @JahzeTv