Omarion Shades Bow Wow, Bow Wow Ponders Quitting Millennium Tour

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Omarion Shades Bow Wow, Bow Wow Shares Drama On Millennium Tour

Every girl that survived the early 2000's is most likely looking forward to the Millennium Tour, hopefully coming to a town near you - but fans noticed that the king of "aligned chakras," Omarion, posted a comment under the State Farm Arena in Atlanta's Instagram, which kind of shaded Bow Wow, another act on the tour and former collaborator of O's as well.

Watch Bow Wow's reaction in the video at the end.

The video below lays it out - but there are some incriminating tweets explaining the matter, below.

Fans complained that Bow Wow's set is only 15 minutes, when most concertgoers assumed Bow is a co-headliner - but actually it's Omarion's tour, with Bow Wow as a supporting act. There was drama that unfolded on Twitter and Bow Wow even said he should have waited to do a tour with Chris Brown.

These were tweeted out early Saturday October 16th - since then, the tour performed with all acts in Atlanta at the State Farm Arena. And since, Bow has shared that he talked to Omarion, and there's been a "change in energy." But respectfully speaking, Bow Wow should have been the co-headliner at least, seeing as how he has brought out all of the huge name guest acts at every stop of the tour so far; Chris Brown, 2 Chainz, Jermaine Dupri etc.

Would you still go to the Millennium Tour if Bow Wow quits?

Also, why is the Millennium Tour always full of drama - regardless of the acts? Is Omarion, actually the toxic one?

Omarion Shades Bow Wow, Bow Wow Shares Drama On Millennium Tour

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