Disney's 'Princess & the Frog' Attraction to Include Historic NOLA Eatery

It's about time DisneyWorld updated their attractions. I actually went to DisneyWorld in Orlando last month and took four of my teenage nieces and nephews on a double digit hour road trip (whew!). For some they had never been, but as I haven't been in over five years - I was shocked to find the only new attraction they added was the Avatar area in the Animal Kingdom. I thought AT LEAST by now, they would've had an area for Moana - negative.

But now, the new Princess & the Frog attraction is coming along. As the fun film is based in New Orleans, it's only right to bring some of the culture with it as well. Tiana's character is also based on the historic Leah Chase. If you're not from New Orleans and don't know her - you definitely know her family's restaurant, Dooky Chase.

Whether it was an Essence Fest weekend, Mardi Gras - or just a girls' trip, everyone has heard of Dooky's.

According to NOLA.com, the Chase Family "might have a role" in the new Disney attraction - and I HOPE THAT MEANS the food will be present at Disney, because Disney definitely needs a Soul Food touch to the Magic Kingdom.

Would you make a special trip to Orlando just to patron the new attraction? And is Disney right on time or way too late for this newest feature?

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