Twitter Now Allows You to Transfer Your Verification Badge

How many years has it been - and still no edit button? Twitter is remaking their platform and adding some new features, just not the ones we asked for.

Popular gamer and YouTuber, Ricegum, posted a screenshot of the option to his followers, trying to find a user to transfer his verification badge to.

Given that he already has an ARMY and an audience that is loyal to him - he really doesn't even need it anymore, so why not auction it off to a loyal fan?

You can also choose WHO gets to talk to you.

Don't you hate when people quote tweet or spam reply with a mixtape link, now you're stuck getting ALL the notifications and can't even mute them.

Now you can choose who is in the conversation of your content.

But don't be fooled - people can still SEE your tweets, they just won't be able to reply or interact with you if you choose not to let them. Or use my method and just block them, because I don't have the time.

OH - didi I mention, as of right now they're for iPhones only. Sorry green bubble users.

If you wanna make that switch to the iOS Gang, check out this new iPhone 12 spec video here: