Fire At Toxic Atlanta Landfill Has Been Burning For 4 Years Straight

Forest fire burning, Wildfire at night.

Photo: Getty Images

A fire that broke out at a toxic landfill in Atlanta four years ago is still burning, according to WBS-TV 2 News.

Some neighbors who live near the landfill on Bishop Road in South Fulton recently called 911 when they saw flames erupting from the site, four years after the fire first broke out in the fall of 2018. WBS-TV 2 News flew a drone over the area last night (November 17) and caught smoke billowing from the landfill. “Here recently, it’s just constant smell and smoke,” neighbor Lagina Yielding said.

An EPA study found concerning levels of six chemicals at the landfill, and neighbors say the fire is putting their health at risk. “We’ve had to stay in the house,” Yielding said. “We’ve had all kinds of issues with smoke.” WBS-TV 2 News tried calling the owner of the landfill, Tandy Bullock, to ask him why he hasn't cleaned up the site, even after receiving multiple citations. He called the outlet back later and said he couldn't comment, but that his attorney would be in touch.

“His attempt to do self-cleanup of the site for lack of a better word has made it worse,” South Fulton city councilman Jaceey Sebastian, who also lives near the landfill, said. Sebastian also said the Georgia Environmental Protection Division asked a judge this week for an emergency hearing on the landfill. He hopes the state or city can hire their own experts to clean up the site.

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