Georgia Woman Attacked By Men On Bikes While Walking Dog On Popular Trail

Young girl running up steps while walking dog

Photo: Getty Images

An unnamed Georgia woman was attacked by two men while walking her dog down a popular walking trail in Covington on Monday. According to WSB-TV, the attack occurred off of Cricket Frog Trail and the suspects were riding their bikes. When the two men attacked her, the woman screamed for help and her call was immediately answered by people walking nearby. After bringing public attention to the attack, the girl called 911 to report the incident. By the time the victim called 911, the men had already fled the scene as a result of the screaming and attention from others walking the trail.

WSB-TV mentioned that there is currently no information available regarding the appearance and identity of the men who attacked the woman walking her dog. No information was released regarding injuries that may have been sustained during the attack, or what happened to the dog. The time of day that the attack occurred was not specified, and no information was released that detailed the age of the victim.

Covington police suggested that locals walk in pairs and groups to encourage safety, and be extremely vigilant of their surroundings as the investigation continues and the suspects remain on the loose.

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