Body Found Surrounded By Biohazard Canisters

Collecting hazardous material

Photo: Getty Images

A 75-year-old man was found dead sitting in the chair of his Brooklyn apartment, where canisters with biohazard labels, schematics and other alarming evidence was located by responding officers, New York Police Department officials confirmed to NBC 4 New York on Thursday (August 11).

Officers conducted a wellness check at the second-floor Cypress Hills apartment just prior to 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday (August 10) and found the man immediately upon arrival.

Sources with knowledge of the situation told the New York Post that the body was decomposing and the man was believed to have died at least a week prior to being found by police.

Several bags of hazardous material were collected at the scene. A biohazard test of the apartment's air was negative, but investigators found the lethal toxin, ricin, while scaling the apartment.

Neighbors told the Post that the man, identified as a Korean War veteran and former restaurant worker who locals referred to as 'Chef John,' had commonly discussed making poisons in an effort to ward off intruders and claimed that the CIA was going to kill him.

“He always thought the CIA was going to kill him. He says ‘they’re out to kill me,’” a neighbor, who identified himself as 'Dave,' told the Post. “I always thought it was folklore. He was a little mysterious. He said he did covert stuff for the military – he didn’t get into details.”

Authorities are continuing to investigate the suspicious materials found in the apartment, the Post reports.

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