Georgia Children Find "Massive" Snake Under Nightstand

African rock python (Python sebae)

Photo: Getty Images

A 6-foot snake was exploring around a house in Macon on Thursday afternoon when two children found it under a nightstand. According to WSB-TV, the rat snake was so big that it was nicknamed "Big Mama." When the Bibb County Animal Enforcement Officer arrived at the home, she was unable to initially locate the reptile. It was not until the children pointed it out that Rebecca Galeazzo attempted to safely capture it.

The Bibb County Sheriff's office took to Facebook to describe the situation and share photos with followers.

"Bibb County Sheriff's Office Animal Enforcement Officer Rebecca Galeazzo recently removed a six-foot Eastern Ratsnake she nicknamed “Big Mama” from inside a bedroom. The nonvenomous snake, which turned out to be docile and friendly, was released unharmed back into the wild. AEO Galeazzo answered a call to the home earlier that evening regarding the sneaky snake, but was unable to locate the uninvited guest. Galeazzo returned to the residence after the children came home and spotted “Big Mama” under a bedside table. #SwornToProtect #BCSOStrong," the post read.

Galeazzo was able to safely remove the animal from the home and place it into the wild where it belonged. None of the children were harmed as a result of the incident.

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