Cardi B Says Recent 'Invasion Of Privacy' Album Ranking Was A 'Setup'

Cardi B

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Cardi B doesn't hold her tongue when it comes to how she feels about, well, anything. Nearly a month after Rolling Stone dropped its list of the 200 greatest Hip-Hop albums of all time, Bardi claims her debut album's ranking was a "setup."

On Tuesday, July 5, The Breakfast Club's Angela Yee dropped her latest episode of Lip Service featuring Cardi B. During their conversation, Yee brought up the infamous list that remained a hot topic on social media for days. Despite the hate she caught from rap fans, the Bronx rapper feels like her work is worthy enough to be included on Rolling Stone's viral list.


“They was dragging me like ‘How dare them put Cardi before Nas,'" Cardi replied. "I was like, oh my goodness. I just woke up and I’m getting my ass dragged. I didn’t even ask for this."

“I understand that but it’s like, b***h, I ain’t motherf**king ask for it,” she added. “You know, I understand that people feel a certain type of way. But don’t try to disrespect me or my work or my album because your mother was listening to my s**t, your b***h was driving, listening to f**king ‘Be Careful.’ All y’all b***hes, all y’all hoes. So it’s like, don’t even try it.”

The Top 10 albums on the list may have raised eyebrows amongst some fans but didn't cause as much of an uproar as Cardi B's sole placement. The Bronx rapper's 2018 debut album Invasion of Privacy landed at the No. 16 slot above classic albums by Nas, DMX, Lil' Kim, JAY-Z and other legends. Cardi believes she was only placed on the list to ensure that the list would be successful, and she has a point. Hip-Hop enthusiasts spent nearly a week arguing about all the albums on the list.

“Of course they’re gonna use a b***h like me. … It’s gonna start a stir,” she said. “Yeah, it was, like, a setup. … Rolling Stone, you trying to set me up. You got my ass dragged on a f**king Tuesday for no reason.”

Watch the full episode of Angela Yee's Lip Service with Cardi B below.


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